Its all about GOD!!!

When you begin to see and feel what God wants you to feel, the sooner you come into the direct line of what is destined for you. No one or nothing can take what is meant to be away. Good or bad. See I have come with many lessons and one that sticks out right now is expectation! Have absolutely no expectations at all. God is the first the In-between and even the last. God is the driver, you can easily fall into delusion. Believing that you are the driver. But God is in control at all times. O ye of little faith. Faith is the key, the answer in God. You find your way with God. Having faith that indeed what shall be shall surely be. I have been through so much and I now truly understand at 36 years old, where I came from and how my upbringing influenced my growth. I am very blessed indeed! I say I am blessed because I believe that I had to endure all that I have to get to where I am now. O how grateful I am! I am so in love with myself now. I found love, I found the love of God. The true love that never fades no matter how bad it gets. I know whom my heart belongs to. I am spoken for. I am loved by my father in heaven. Abundant love that flows every millisecond. I can’t see any other way, but the way of my Lord the teachings and messages I get. I thank you Lord for your everlasting love.

The sweet love of God. O how sweet it is. I have grown in my faith. I have witnessed and have faith that all my heart desires will be fulfilled by my lord. I must obey and follow only this way. To be completely engrossed in the ways that I should. I write knowing exactly what I must do, and I intend to follow my hearts desire now! I must cease the moment, the feeling and the faith that I have that indeed everything is all good!

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