This Life is so short


What would you sacrifice to see life and living for what it is?
When we die (which we all will) what do we take? Nothing materialistic for sure, but do we take our souls?
In the end that is all we have got!
All these souls that are lost, living like they have it all worked out!
Life is a lot more complicated, you can have everything (so it seems) but really you have nothing.
It is a great feeling to know that what you cherish and live for are the only things you need in this world.
Sacrificing what society, family or friends think you need, or you think you need in order to be apart of the world, will set you apart.
Set yourself apart from the rest, be yourself, love yourself, love your blessings. God I strongly believe in, whom gives us all. Our breath, our souls, our blessings and everything else. We must thank The Lord almighty for all his blessings and when we enter that dark tunnel, not to fear as The Lord knows exactly what he is doing.

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