I remember a time when the thought of forgiving hurt and pain was just not possible. Easier back then to just hold on to the hurt and pain that I went through. A journey started, I began to see. I realised that forgiveness was so powerful! It is so underrated nowadays! I thought that to forgive, meant I was weak and that I was letting someone get the better of me. But then I began to see through the eyes of my little people. I asked myself as time passed by, what do I want to teach them? I want to teach them the meaning of life! I started to forgive the ones that truly hurt me and caused me so much pain. Forgiving them by actually letting go and not going back to the old memories. Moving ahead, focusing on the present. Saying it’s ok that you hurt me and caused me so much pain….but I forgive you, I let it all go! I began to feel so free, my heart didn’t feel heavy any longer! I felt peace, peace on an unimaginable level. I felt happy and stronger, the fact is I got my power back. To forgive my perpetrators allowed me to regain my power. Power of my heart, soul and mind, I treated them with love and respect regardless of what they had done to me and I saw the impact it had on them. They changed as I forgave them, they suddenly had nothing to hurt. It felt so liberating to be in control of myself. So forgiveness isn’t a sign of weakness, rather it is a sign of strength. Let go and enjoy now, leave the past in the past as it just hinders your growth. You are made in Gods image and you should, when you realise, work towards forgiving the most hurtful experiences and people. You have come from a place where what ever happened brought you this far. Say to that person or people that hurt you beyond imagination, yes I do forgive you. Because forgiveness gives you more strength! Forgiving you sets me completely free like a bird!

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