I used to be!

I used to be a completely different person. Insecure, didn’t have any confidence or even knew who I was. Yet I was living and doing all the things I felt I was supposed to do. I never stopped to look outside of myself! I mean who does that? I was just normal, until the journey started. I lost my dad 10 years ago and I was completely lost. I had been working since I finished university, all I was doing was trying to live but really desperately looking for love. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with looking and putting myself out there. But I learnt those valuable lessons the hard way and I am so grateful to have had all those experiences indeed. I didn’t realise at the time of my transition, that I was actually lost! I was in complete denial and completely delusional. To think that I was living, SMH! I was just cruising, now in 2015 I feel alive and I feel like I am finally living. I give all the glory and praise to my one and only king. My sweet love. my strength, my shield, my light, my tower, my complete everything.
God puts you in situations to test you and to build you. I really never understood it until now. I actually feel so blessed that my love never forsakes me. No matter what mistakes I made he was always there to comfort and guide me, even when I didn’t think I needed the Lord or that he could even help me. I have put all my trust and faith in the Lord and indeed he is working wonders. Glory be to God almighty. The transition of my true being has been amazing. I had the opportunity to get some counselling and tapped into the reasons why I was so lost and so in love with love and desperate for it. I learnt to accept and forgive my demons and I got set free! I got another chance and it has been amazing. Don’t get me wrong life has been tough and can still get tough but I now know who I completely rely on and the peace in my heart is priceless. I have a drama free and stress free environment for my sanity and for those precious around me…. I am finally grown, I feel so responsible and blessed to be a mother to the most adoring children. Their love is amazingly sweet and refreshing. Love and Laughter always and even when I become a dinosaur, my darlings are still in love with me. Words alone aren’t enough! My needs and wants are directed towards the right path and in July of 2015, I really feel amazing in my soul!

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