Love for yourself!

We live in times that people don’t know how to love themselves or love any one else. You can love someone with all you have, and you will never get them to love you the same way back. This isn’t because they are horrible and hate you! It is because they don’t know how to love and you don’t know how to love. Love is so free and vital in the make up of us humans, we yearn and crave for love and acceptance! Every single human needs love, but not many get to ever experience real true love! I strongly believe this:- if you get born into this world and your mother doesn’t and cannot show you love and devotion by physically and emotionally nurturing you, then a problem has already started to manifest inside of you. You cannot expect to understand this thing called love. The complexities of love! You will search and search and not even realise why you can’t find it. You will love and love deeply and can’t understand why you can’t find love in return. Because love for you was never given in the right way, how can you pin point the root of your problems? As far as you are concerned you are loving, so it must be the other persons problem! You don’t even realise the root of the issue, you can’t see yourself from the outside. So as far as you are concerned, your mother is your mother and no matter what she is, you accept her for her ways! Yes you should accept, forgive, appreciate and realise but I still don’t think it’s fair. A mothers love builds a child, builds a home, builds a nation. Loving isn’t measured solely by what you physically do for someone, it is measured by your expression of it. Giving love freely to others. Love costs nothing, it is free! I love loving a child, letting that child know that I love and care for them with every fibre in me. Of course my actions will always speak louder than my words, the proof of my love would be found in my puddings. You cannot continue to be selfish after becoming a mother! Most times it’s just a cycle that needs to be broken. It’s mostly easier said than done, however as I write I only do so based on what I know first hand.
How can I love when I don’t know how to love you ask yourself? Well bare your soul, be true and real to yourself! Deal with your pain and anger and why you have so much resentment! Don’t carry on the same way especially when you have been blessed with a child. The love you never had, you can have that with your child. It is easy all you have to do is to open your soul, let it all in. Don’t put on the persona that you are hard, when really you are just cheating your very soul! I love loving others as most people I come across just need love and acceptance. I might not have a magic wand to fill that void but I have love that can add a little something. To love wholeheartedly doesn’t mean to expect love in return, especially from those who don’t know that to love, loving simply helps to set your soul free. So have love for yourself and have love for all regardless of whether they know how to love or not!

2 thoughts on “Love for yourself!

  1. I have learned that until we learn to love ourselves we will never be able to love people the way Jesus tells us. We need Jesus to teach us how to love because in ourselves we don’t know how to love. We think we do but we love with conditions and Jesus teaches us to love unconditionally.

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