Where is Individualism?

I see and stop and wonder, where are all the individuals! Everyone or let’s say most people just look the same these days. Well maybe it has always been so but I just only really started to notice and it’s a must that I write down my thoughts on this particular subject.

I personally thrive on individuality! I absolutely love to be so and own it. I don’t need to flaunt it or be arrogant about it, however I need to own it and appreciate it first. I probably didn’t even realise how special I was, until the latter. I don’t look back with regret, rather I appreciate that without my experiences I wouldn’t be this me today!
In society it seems like all the boys look the same and so do all the girls. Maybe because I was near Wembley Arena today and saw lots of young people! They mostly all looked the same. Well I am looking around generally and realise adults are just as uniformed. I don’t disrespect what’s not individual, I just don’t appreciate it. I just appreciate true and real individuality and uniqueness. And I believe that God created us all in his own image. He gave us all individual identity, use it. Most people are busy looking outwards at others, trying to imitate and actually missing the point of looking inwards and letting their individuality shine.
To look outward, you need to look inward first!

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