Is LOVE enough?

I have been contemplating today on whether if love is just enough? I mean I am talking about, when it comes to loving others and when you don’t get that love back. Like not just with my children, or selected extended family and friends. I am talking about people in general, that may include some family and friends. I have noticed that there are some people that I love unconditionally, but through actions and words, I don’t feel that they have genuine love back for me. A great area for contemplation. I have broken it down to this…..I don’t think that loving that person(s) to the moon and back will make them love me the same. I don’t think that my love will change, but what will change is my approach and attitude towards them. I won’t stop the loving, but I will stop receiving anything other than love. I won’t let them carry on with hurting my feelings and making me feel like my love isn’t enough. There must be a problem, that problem doesn’t begin or end with me. I can’t beat myself up about what I don’t understand. I don’t agree with any type of toxic relationship(s) with anyone, whether extended family or friends. I think the best solution is to never stop loving but halt any negative emotions directed towards my positive aura. I want a peaceful haven, a peaceful home. I choose to be happy, regardless of the complexities of life and love. As long as my heart is free and I am still able to LOVE, then that is simply enough. LOVE indeed, is enough!!!


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