Children are not bargaining tools!

Why do women use their children as a bargaining tool when it comes to the fathers of their children? I am personally baffled and I find it absolutely wrong! Personally I have every reason to be a bitter woman and be so angry at my ex. But the fact of the matter is that I am only hurting my children and myself in the long run. Children don’t need negative vibes around them as they grow up. If your relationship doesn’t work out, after love and marriage and children. Then you need to realise that it hasn’t worked out and the children are what you need to work on. Even if the man you once loved and trusted turns out to be the devil himself, still you have to just realise that it isn’t about you and him anymore, its always about the children. He might be a total idiot and maybe you can’t stand him. What do you do? Fight him endlessly because he belongs to you? He has no rights to his children until he is with you? NO, you have no right to destroy those children. They have two parents regardless of the complicated situation. You owe it to them to not be so juvenile when it comes to the father. There are some amazing fathers out there, who want to do more but tend to suffer more, its a real shame!


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