No daddy deficit here!!

I read something today (25/08/2015) from my daily devotion, and I simply don’t agree with what it said:-

“dad deficit, too many kids today are growing up without a fathers input. And as a result they end up making poor life, relationship, and marriage choices.”

Hmm I totally disagree with this one today, usually I agree. I am not having this one! Glory be to God always but hold up, I am not looking at my little kids right now and seeing any daddy deficit problems as they grow. I am a single parent with a non active father, well he chooses his ways and that’s fine because it’s entirely his choice. I can’t sit and wait for him to have an input. As far as I am concerned, I can and have been doing this all by myself and I can see that my total devotion is paying off. It’s not easy but it definitely makes me stronger. I gave up everything just for my children. When I started out on my own 4 years ago, I was very scared. I went through so much turmoil and hardship but always kept it in mind that my babies didn’t ask to be born into this crazy world. Just because their dad has his issues, doesn’t mean they must absorb it. I am doing it all by myself and the secret to it is this = total commitment. body, soul and mind. Yes I don’t seem to have much going on right now, but my babies do. I am not interested in the negatives, only the positives! My children are not going to end up making poor life choices, because they have a true role model (ME). I may not be a man for my son and daughters, however what a man can do, a woman can also do better! I am teaching my babies to persevere and stand tall and live life to the fullest. To be strong and stand up for themselves and be exactly who they are meant to be. I am not buying any daddy deficit issues! Any man or woman can make a baby, but not any can raise a baby. I want to share that, as a woman you are incredibly powerful and you can build a nation within your own nation. Do it selflessly and wholeheartedly!


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