Set yourself free!

It’s daunting as my son is growing and becoming more aware and starting to relate to his emotions and feelings. He is extremely placid. He doesn’t hold grudges in his heart. You can hurt him as a friend and in a second he has forgotten and forgives you and moves on. He doesn’t seem to know how to stand up for himself. Well this is where I come in. I know my son very well, of course because I gave birth to him number one, and number two I have raised and nurtured him. I know exactly how placid he is and I just have to be real with him like I am. He will cry because that’s how he knows how to express himself when hurt, he reminds me of myself back then. Growing up for me was tough! I just didn’t know how to express myself, until I discovered writing. I had many problems because of that and I don’t want my son or even my daughters to ever go through what I did. So I am just real. I say to him, you need to stand up for your self, not everybody is your friend. When someone says to you, after playing with you nicely, that they don’t want to play with you any longer, just say ok and move on. If a so called friend keeps playing hot and cold with you, then just know that they have their own problems to deal with and you need to take yourself away from that toxic union. Because your friends are not supposed to like everything you like, but that doesn’t mean you should hurt them or let them hurt you. My son wouldn’t get all macho when upset, but I want him to be tougher and I know he can and the only way forward is for him to hopefully learn how to say no to anyone, absolutely anyone. It is a process and hopefully he gets it! It’s a crazy, tough, hard, cruel and often nasty world out there. I want my children to be able to stand up for the right ways, without trying to please anyone. Their happiness and peace of mind lies in their small little hands right now. The power is all yours my darling children!

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