How would you like to be treated?

You know karma never misses its target! Do unto others, how you would like to be done to. It is easier said than done with most I think in society today. Well I am sure it has always been this way! From the beginning of time, because humans are generally so self absorbed and obsessed with what is superficial! It’s a real shame though! I am thinking in all my years I have seen so many people reach up, stepping on those that are less fortunate, but eventually they come right back down gazing at the unfortunate, now fortunate. I even still see people today, and the amount of selfishness is amazingly on a high scale. Be careful how you treat others! Life has a way of turning things right round and you learn the hard way. When one is so self obsessed and intentionally hurts others, just to make themselves feel better, it ends badly eventually. One might not feel or see what pain they cause, but eventually I believe that karma comes right when you don’t expect it. Be really careful, those that live like they are above it all, simply find that below it, is where they try to find retribution. Some people live and learn and some just stay plain selfish and in the end, they have nothing but sadness and loneliness. You reap what you sow in life! Treat others how you would like to be treated! 


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