Who can be the judge…God or mere man? 

Who gives us the right to make judgements. I personally don’t have a problem with any race or sex. I don’t think any human can judge, because no one is perfect. I am very passionate about equality! I have been thinking about how gay people are treated around the world. And it is appalling and it deeply saddens me. Even as a Christian I do not believe that I have the right to judge gay people, by just basing it on the bible and what ignorant people say. My belief in Christ is sacred and my relationship with God is my own to share but not to use as a weapon against any other being! God that I know, has love for all and love I must have for all, regardless. God is the only judge, humans have the tendency to act all superior when they feel that someone else is not as good as them. This is solely based on ignorance and I don’t agree with the way people are quick to judge and throw abuse without any valid cause. Unfortunately in some parts of the world, gay people are discriminated against, even killed because they are just being who they believe they are. Who is the next man to judge? How can people be so ignorant and stupid? Of course God is love, so we must learn to love one another. Easier said than done I know as we live in a cruel world, but it is the reality. I must continue and say, Equality for ALL! 


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