Why bother with the anger…

I don’t understand all the hostility, the anger that is directed towards people sometimes. Indirect abuse and I haven’t the slightest clue! I ponder because I really feel sorry that someone would have so much anger towards someone continuously, when that person is busy living their life. Well I don’t know, I am not a mind reader! However I am simply human and I am thinking all sorts. I think that maybe the anger and hostility comes directly from within that angry persons being. Something must be fundamentally wrong with their life and maybe happiness. Another person is just a speck in your world, why would you allow them to consume so much of your energy? Maybe I am just too much of a perfectionist! because for me to have closure and move on, I need to forgive and sincerely forgive no matter what. And if I don’t want someone around then I will simply not have that someone around. It’s just so simple for me. I wouldn’t waste my energy by indirectly insulting someone. However I must look at the other side. I think too many people are so unhappy and unfortunately that affects the way in which they handle situations that are so minuscule. If you don’t like or care for someone, then why would you waste so much of your energy hating on them by saying things indirectly or even directly? Hating only eats at your very soul. You are better off setting your soul free by just forgiving and moving on! Don’t waste energy or ponder on someone that you simply don’t want. Vice versa! Anger and hate only consumes you and you loose yourself! 


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