Why should you follow?

I don’t like to follow, I like to do exactly what I feel like. I don’t follow fashion or trends. I just like to be true to myself! Everything just looks uniformed these days in society and how people are living. The thought of looking and doing what someone else is doing just escapes my entire being. I don’t do well with copycats or fakes. Imagine living under someone else’s shadow! That would be a life wasted indeed. I don’t want to set any trends for anyone really, I just face my own path and I just do me. I believe that every single human being is different and has their own unique identity, but unfortunately that doesn’t reflect the reality of society right now for so many. It is really sad, I wonder but would never wish that I looked like someone else or wish that I had what someone else had. Staying true to me makes me feel completely liberated and so I can back up all my ways and my self because I know exactly who I am. I am an inspiration to my world not a follower of the world. 


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