Unhappy with you…

I have come to the conclusion and even realisation that when someone is unhappy, it is quite difficult to express happiness to others. People most times are not even sure that they are so sad with themselves. They can only feel better by putting others down directly or indirectly! I don’t think it’s worth causing yourself so much pain. You are already in pain, deal with you first and then you can begin to live. It takes more effort to be negative and begrudge others. Life is of course way too short to live in sadness. It is better to leave and even move away from what you feel causes you pain. We live in a world where plenty people get satisfaction from hurting others…well so they think. I think it’s very simple! If someone makes you so unhappy, don’t make your self even more unhappy by being around them. Just move on swiftly, don’t hold any grudges. You don’t owe anyone pain and they don’t owe you either. Life is for living! Just be true to your soul and live. 


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