My children…

Everyone and everything, not just by mouth but by actions. Selfless love, in abundance. If only more people (parents) would realise how very important it is to love completely. But I know the world is crazy, sick for most of the time. Cycles keep repeating, everyone blaming someone else! Don’t point the finger, look at yourself first! Don’t envy another because you just don’t know the full story. I was blessed with my lot. I learnt the hard way but I take nothing back. I look forward not backwards! I stand strong because I can and I will. No need to worry or fret over what others can’t comprehend. I comprehend this….my beloved amazing children. My very being, what I do everyday and always will as long as I can. Love your children regardless of your circumstance. The minute they enter this world just realise it ain’t about YOU no more. Love them with no conditions attached. 


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