Writing I love you!

 I just woke up and I just started writing so much, mostly about my mother. After writing I felt a great deal of relieve…I feel like it’s time I got it all out. It’s been a long time, the pain and hurt. I need to let go and I have decided that the best way is to write it all down. I have to move on and can’t keep going back, even if I do go back it’s not because I am weak or still holding on. Unfortunately the hardest and most painful is to deal with my mother. But my writing has set me free, I would have never imagined being able to share what I write so freely from my heart. My motto has been write something everyday and when you write, do it openly and with your heart. I just love you writing, thank you for always being there! Watch this space more expressions coming up! Until next time…. 


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