Blocking who?…

I was having this conversation with a friend over the weekend. When it comes to erasing someone from your life, I don’t really think ‘blocking’ sorts out the problem you have with them or them with you. With the current and modern ways of technology, phones and even social media channels now have the option for you to block someone. I can understand blocking spam and even harassment, but I can’t understand blocking an acquaintance, friend or family just because you are angry. I don’t think you are actually that angry with the person. Maybe it’s a reflection of how you really feel. You are actually mostly angry with yourself. You want to prove a point and let the other person feel that you have no time for them! But in actual fact you really do have time. It is you that the ‘blocking’ action will bother more. You will always have that in mind, constant reminder about the fact that you blocked someone and if the action was necessary. It will only eat at you! Blocking someone on the phone doesn’t block them from your brain. So be real! If you are offended or angry or you simply don’t want someone on your phone, your life then just delete them. It isn’t by force, you can just get on and ignore them completely. You don’t need to keep hurting yourself by holding on to anger, just let go and live your life happily. You have the power to make yourself happy, you don’t have to take anything if you don’t want to. So just delete, blocking isn’t the answer because it never sets you free. 


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