Love and Hearts…..

  It’s amazing how I find my books filled with words I wrote down from way back in the 90’s. When I read my past writings I realise how there is a trending theme…..”love”! At that time I just was so lost and felt so unloved that I just wanted love. I was searching and put myself out there without even knowing who I was. Now in 2015 where I know exactly who I am and where I came from and why I was in such a need and hurry for love. I have always been fascinated with love, and I love anything heart-shaped (my home and garden full of hearts). I just wanted to find love based on my understanding of it. And now to realise that there was actually a reason in my heart that just needed to be mended. I still have a hole in my heart, but the difference now is that I know where that hole came from. I am love itself! I am made of love and thank God I now know how to love. The most important lesson in love I have learnt, is the love I now have for myself. I just didn’t know how to love myself, I was never loved by that woman. I now accept this fact and I don’t even hate her. I just feel sorry for her and I just want to use what I now know about love, to love all that I have here right in front of me. Love in abundance, and enough to share!


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