The past is important, but the future is more important…

When you have a void in your life and you don’t even know why? You just can’t seem to get on with life and be happy. You do all the required and still you feel empty. What do you do? Who do you turn to? I learnt this when I started to address my void. Life has an amazing way of opening your eyes and setting your heart free. You have to often go through tough times and so much sadness before you can come out the other side. I now look at the past, and all I want to face is the future. I have finally embraced what and why I had a void, and I am ready to set my soul free. I only believe that to set my soul free, I must write down and share the reasons why. It’s like first you admit the problem and then you can start to face the problem. I don’t regret anything, or how I was treated growing up. I appreciate all my life and experiences, because I wouldn’t be here writing this if I didn’t go through it all. 


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