Some time out…

It’s been a few days or even a week by now. I have been having a standard time (women often understand) it’s been that time, hormones are raging and so is my brain. I take time out, I look myself up in all areas. I reflect on life and all the reasons why I am here. I contemplate, I even have a good cry….but all to cleanse and readjust me. I need to forge ahead! There is no turning back, nothing wrong with looking back. I find that I counsel my self. I talk to myself, I see the pain and then I see the light. It’s like a release, I am truly grateful for the opportunity. I won’t change anything, instead I will ensure that I carry forth this new found self, strength and love that I have for my being. I can’t hold myself down anymore or allow anyone to, I don’t actually any longer….I just feel that particular pain. I know in time all shall come to pass. My pain right now is my strength. I look up to God, I cry to God and I have all my trust and faith in my God alone. I actually feel amazing despite my standard time. I am really all grown up now, to think that I knew what was happening all the years before? I wasn’t even aware of the transition until all the walls came down. Life is truly amazing when you go through the hardest and roughest experiences and come out on top. I feel completely liberated, simply because I know exactly who I am. 


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