For my sweet Daddy….

10 years now and it still hurts like yesterday! My sweet amazing selfless, loving, kind, caring, funny one in a million dude! He was and still is truly my inspiration and my role model. I miss him daily. I cry most days, especially when I get down and I wish he was still here to say “it will be alright my sweetheart, my Bukus”. My father truly loved me. He was such an infectious man. He had the sweetest heart, always caring and looking after everyone. He left this world too quickly, but I do accept it was his time. He was very sick, yet he was so very selfless, not selfish but just so amazing. He really knew how to love, and so many loved him. I still feel him in spirit, he never ever left me. Because of him, I know how to be selfless, how to love and be kind and caring. I also learnt that no matter what happens I can still carry on. I feel so strongly about him, I feel like I need to go home. I need to go see his beloved family, all abandoned. I feel like he wants me to go home and I will when the time comes. His legacy lives on in me and with his spirit and amazing love and teachings I know I must carry on. Right this minute, I know he is extremely proud of me. Proud that I am finally standing up for myself, in the right way. He is also proud of me for being the mother that I am. I know he is and this makes me feel amazing and happy. He will always be my first love, he was a man who knew me better than anyone. Maybe that’s why I ache for him, when everyone else that should be there isn’t. I don’t hold anything against them, I pray that God forgives them because they don’t even know what they are doing. All I want to keep doing is making my beautiful daddy proud of me, 10 years on and I know that true love never ever dies. My awakening had just begun, the time is now. Standing tall and being my fathers daughter. 


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