Autism and Loneliness…

To have an autistic daughter and to be in a lonely unsupported world is the most painful. I don’t have that support that I craved for more since I started my single motherhood journey 4 years ago. It had been a very hard and difficult journey and it will get harder I know like right now. My daughter is growing and it seems now she has a voice she is even more difficult. She is so physically and mentally strong and she knocks me for six. Apart from God whom I speak to all the time and my dead father, I don’t think anyone truly understands my plight, I am in agony mentally and then it eats at me physically too. I must be very strong as I persevere no matter how hard it gets. I still push myself to carry on because those babies really depend on me. It hurts a lot though that I am alone. I cry almost everyday because I just often want a hug or just to be asked if I am ok? and if I need any help. I am left alone to just carry my cross, and my cross I will surely carry very well until my demise. I am proud of myself in spite of my void, pain and struggle. I am all alone and it is not easy especially with the daily challenges I face with my beautiful autistic princess. God is indeed and forever my strength. I shall carry on and be as strong as I can. Alone as with no support only makes me stronger and so I can be supportive to others who have no one too. 


6 thoughts on “Autism and Loneliness…

  1. I pray for Gods divine health for your little princess and his grace as you care for her. He knows everything. He has given you the strength .you are such an inspiration to many mothers and i know that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.praying for you my friend .

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    1. @ifeoma oh wow thank you so much my darling friend, your words really touch my soul. God bless you always and I truly appreciate your love and support. Made me smile to see this. Thank you so much 😁


  2. Just know that you are not alone when you have God on your side. As you acknowledge Him more and more, He will move on your behalf. He is right there willing to carry your burden for you. He doesn’t want to help you carry it, He wants to carry it for you. Just let Him and receive the supernatural strength that only He can give. I will remember you and your family in prayer. Vickie

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    1. God bless you always Vickie, thank you so much. I just read your comments and it was at the right moment…again God is speaking to me through you, and I listen and accept gladly. Thank you so much.

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