Strong woman! 

Strong woman, determined, selfless, loving, kind and considerate. Always thinking of others more than herself. She is the backbone, the lioness, the strong fortress for her family. She had to be otherwise who else would be? Strength wasn’t just given to her, her pain and struggles and life has taught her that she must carry on no matter what. Knocked from pilar to post but she still perseveres. That is true strength. She is always there for others, when she should be selfish and just think about her struggles and wallow in her pain. She still finds the love deep down in her heart to give her all to all. She doesn’t get anything, no help from those that should be, not even a how are you doing, but she still gives her all. That is true strength. Master of her game, she will be smiling non stop eventually. She had to go through all of this so she can maintain her strength. A true queen, an empress. Not just by mouth but by her actions. She is an amazing woman REBECCA❤️❤️❤️


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