Maybe Mothers Are Overrated….

The word mother is so over rated in my opinion. Too many women out there thinking that just because they carried and gave birth to a child, then they are good mothers! Well I don’t think that it is simple like ABC. No it ain’t! The babies didn’t come with a manual of course. I can speak because I have first hand experience about what it’s like to have that “mother” word passed about with no validation. You hear all the time about “bad dads” but what about “bad moms” I simply can’t just pass by and say that the title is always befitting! Because the truth is that it isn’t like so for most. It must be a great feeling to have unconditional love from a woman – mother….and then the absence of such love can be extremely damaging, an everlasting void. A mothers unconditional love is extremely vital in the makeup of a child. The world has so many babies who have turned into adults with plenty of issues. Definitely a mother deficit problem! I don’t think that society especially via social media reflects the true reality of motherhood! Being a mother is a privilege, it is not a right! To be the type of mother I am personally, comes from deep pain that I still struggle with today! I want to share much more about my life and help others because I feel like it’s time for a lot of women to own up to their selfishness. To be indeed a great mother often comes from the struggles you face and to persevere is what sets you free. In the end those babies won’t stay babies forever, they will eventually have you up! You can’t escape then, yes it’s not easy anyway! But don’t mistake the title, because the proof is always found in the pudding. Selfless love, the hardest thing for most people to do in general is to love selflessly! Not for the faint hearted, the truth must be spoken, I for one wouldn’t be conforming! I will state it like it is ✌🏾️


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