I used to be like you…

A few days have passed, my mind has worked overtime (nothing new)! I am a thinker, I often ponder and think deeply about mostly what I don’t understand. I am trying each day to reprogramme as I have now identified that I used to be like you. I don’t beat myself as much anymore as I understand mainly why! I choose a clean slate, without forgetting whom I was and why. I can see how you are, and I can relate because I used to be like you. I was once lost, insecure and mostly self destructive. I am now found, loving, caring, passionate, kind, and most importantly who I am supposed to be. I don’t hold it against you, I have tried in my loving way to help you. Then I realise I cannot help you, life has to help you like it helped me (hopefully). Maybe you will see it and maybe you won’t. I pray though that you do, because it will get tougher. I can only embrace and support you if you want me to. I can’t make you understand, however I can only understand you because I used to be like you. 


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