Jealousy is a disease!

Posted this on my instagram page last week and it seems right that I do here also….
Hot topic of the day! I have to elaborate on this one… I have been thinking about how I perceive “jealousy” and I want to write on this. Jealousy is really a disease. I think it really stems from insecurities and a place of no self love. You can’t base yourself on what others do. You can’t have people you say you love and care about, but yet you become so jealous of their joy that it ends up eating and destroying your very own beauty. You must learn to look at you and love you and not at others and be begrudging of them. In the end you loose everything and all you have is your self pity and loneliness! When someone looks at themselves and they actually can’t see their own power and beauty, they start to look at others that see theirs and then try to put them down and the jealousy seeps through! It is really a shame that so many people are affected by this…there is a way out though, believe in your own beauty and believe that you too, are amazing. Don’t let someone else’s joy consume you that you can’t even see yours. Learn to truly love yourself 


4 thoughts on “Jealousy is a disease!

  1. Love this! Thanks for this post! I feel like our society has become a society run on envy and pride. Since when has it been okay to not be okay what we have? To not be grateful for what we have? We are seeming to always want the “next best thing.” Again, great post!

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    1. Thank you very much for your love. @20somethingyearoldsmusings you are absolutely right! It is a shame that our society has become such a way. We must really stay true to our souls and personally for me it is important that I teach my children simple contentment. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support. 😁


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