Oscillating Being…

You are indeed an oscillated being! You keep moving back and forth with a regular rhythm! That’s what oscillating means. And I relate this to you. I see you as stagnant, but yet your soul is searching. I think you are searching for yourself. But you can’t see that you are, instead you keep it at the same pace hoping that you get to some place. The place you get to, is the place you are meant to get to. But you can’t possibly know how and when you get there. In the meantime you can only oscillate as that’s what you have been accustomed to. That’s not to say you are not worthy, just means you haven’t looked outside yet. It feels more comfortable in a routine.  I can’t promise that I will meet you there when you get there, because our journies are not the same. However if you reach out to me, I will be always supportive because I love you. I love you still as an oscillating being! 


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