“Silence is the best answer for a fool”
Easier said than done back in the days! I would say it gladly but couldn’t adhere to it. I laugh at myself now, looking back. I would have achieved a lot more if I actually practised what I said. But maybe not as I have achieved more now, in totally understanding and applying it! Silence is indeed so golden. You can’t argue with a fool, best you just leave it. I want to have a constructive argument, where we are getting somewhere. Without just taking out all our indirect frustrations on each other. Lets talk, by speaking and listening to each other instead of blowing hot air, because then its just a no winner battle. I rather be silent if it’s a no brainer. I really never understood that saying until this moment in my life. It actually makes you stronger, silence! And when people are always expecting the same from you, you should just shock them by doing the total opposite. You are more powerful when you are faced with a fool and you give the fool complete silence. 


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