The Power of WORDS!

Words are indeed super powerful with special effects! Good or bad, words can be detrimental. You can’t take words back! As a young and unwise woman, looking back at my years when I didn’t understand but thought I did. I didn’t realise how my words were ever so powerful! I just saw myself as this honest and open woman, who had to say it all! I didn’t even have a muzzle or even a filter. I just said it, good or bad. As I am now, I believe as I am much wiser and stronger I finally realised that words are so powerful and not always necessary. Especially in anger, I can’t take it back. So best to know that silence is golden! Exceeding my own self, breaking off the chains of bondage! Realising that indeed I can be very patient and my endurance level is so high. I must stay very true to my being. It is just better for me to be quiet, especially when someone insults me. I can’t react to everything and anything! It actually consumes energy. Rather I want to use my words more effectively and positively. I no longer carry a load, I am free! So my words now make sense, let my words be powerful in a more constructive way. I can’t take it back, but I can make it good. Use words very wisely, especially when you know you can’t take it back! 


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