True identity…

Written 13/10/2015 whilst my mind wandered as usual…I had an epiphany about my self yesterday! I mean I have to be honest. I have been coming to terms with so much lately. Recognising and accepting the person that I was yesterday, and the person that I am today. I am actually wholeheartedly grateful for everything bad that I have faced in all my life. I wouldn’t have such clarity if nothing bad happened! I had been self destructing ever since I could remember. Not sure of who I was, my choices in the way I lived my life reflected this. Of course in this world people are so quick to judge, never able to look at the bigger picture. But that is not the issue. The issue is how I perceived and presented myself. I finally found my true self. I am no longer a weak person or someone who can just pretend. All my amazing qualities have now come forward in full force. I am actually in competition against my old self. Because the mind is so powerful, it’s easy to destroy yourself by just the way in which you see yourself. You can’t love yourself if you don’t know what love is. But I am a testament of finding oneself, I was lost but I was found, I found the love for myself. I feel so grateful to my God, for guiding and strengthening my soul. I am indeed special. This is who I am supposed to be, and it is never too late. I have so much to give, and in life you can have another chance. I never even gave myself a chance before but the real me now will continue to give myself the best of what I deserve. The best of the best is peace and sweet harmony resting well within my soul. As long as I have breath I will continue to forge ahead with my true identity!


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