My Counselor…

I am my very own counsel. I am constantly thinking and talking to myself and weighing up what I can inside my head. However it sounds and resounds in a more effective way, when I am speaking with my friend. I have this one friend who always allows me to go on and on about a situation I am facing, and in the end it’s not what she says to me that makes me see sense. It’s what I am saying to her. I realised more than ever that now I really analyse and over analyse issues that matter to me. I reach a conclusion. Whether I am right or wrong, the fact is that I feel counselled. I speak to God always in this manner and it’s the strength and wisdom that I ask for, that I see manifesting. I am surely my greatest counsel. I know myself better than any living being. God knows me better than myself because he created me. I intend to carry on counselling my very soul, because through this medium I get complete peace.


7 thoughts on “My Counselor…

    1. Bless you, I often end up with a migraine too after thinking too much…but I am learning with growth and wisdom, positive thinking is better and more effective for the mind. I think it’s good to think but we should try and think positively and leave what we don’t understand. 🙂

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  1. I always say I live in my head more than any place else. I think so much and carry on so much conversation in my head that never gets revealed. I am glad though to have God as my counselor, right there beside me after I go back and forth in my mind, He helps me to make the best or wisest decision…….as long as I listen to Him.

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    1. Wow Vickie snap I totally agree with you, without God we wouldn’t have a clue. It is empowering and strengthening and indeed more effective when you let go and let God. I have just arrived at this point…totally letting God, it’s been a beautiful journey so far. Thank you for your beautiful comment…remain blessed 🙂

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