What is Strength? 

What does it mean to be strong? To have strength!

My definition of strength is as so:- To be physically and mentally abused but still you rise, dust yourself and move along.

To be all alone and with pain and hurt but yet you are doing what you are for others and you carry on giving yourself wholeheartedly.

To be selfless, to have pain and worries and sorrows but yet you still love others. To be strong is to embrace you, be able to stand alone and do what you must. You have to go through the fire and the storm and be still want to laugh and love and live this life! That is strength, you get knocked about but you still rise up! That is real strength. Not just of the physical but of the mental. You see we all have pain and hurt and disappointment, and the power you have is derived from how you perceive and handle your situation. Just because someone looks happier, it doesn’t mean they are better…just means they are stronger! They probably have more problems and worries than you, but they choose to not let that bring them down, instead they move along with Gods ultimate strength!


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