Woman Vs Woman

When I look around today and observe how women treat each other, my heart breaks. I mean we have so much competition going on between each other it seems. Sisters outdoing sisters, friends, families competing! It is so unfortunate that we live in current times, where women have this ambition to be better than the next woman. Well I mean if only women would realise how special and amazing they all are in their own right! If only women would realise their power and how important they are in the make up of the world? Women have such a fundamental role and being a real old fashioned woman, doesn’t mean you are not equal or important. In fact you are more important than you realise. It’s a shame that the focus is more on the outward rather than the inward. I say this to my fellow women, sisters…we need to invest in each other, by loving, accepting, embracing each other for who we all individually are. No two persons are the same. We don’t all get to find out how amazing we are, so often comes the hate and the competition. In the end we are just destroying one another, we need to really be able to love ourselves first!


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