44 sleeps to Christmas…

I am a big Christmas baby, well I love the season, Christ was born. I was also born just 2 days before Christmas. I have been so excited about Christmas more since I became a sweet mother. But I am even more excited about my birthday and then Christmas this very beautiful 2015. I feel like celebrating more this year, to mark the end of an amazing year and to celebrate the reason for Christmas. I don’t really do the fairytale like I don’t lie to my babies about who Santa really is. On the 1/12/2015 I will display the main feature, the nativity set, where Jesus lays in the manger with Mary and Joseph, the three wise men, the animals and the stars shinning so bright. I will get the Christmas tree out, we shall all decorate it with joy and laughter! I will decorate our home with tinsel  and put the lights on the window, everything looking magical. (I pray for snow) I shall give the kids the advent calendars I have been hiding for weeks, lol. I can’t wait to see the look on their cute faces, they can have a countdown each day and it means a chocolate treat everyday as we approach the big day! Why shouldn’t we enjoy the whole month, I mean most places out there have Christmas on display already. It changes the mood when you start on time. The kids have watched “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” on repeat and now we have moved on to “The Polar Express” ooh it is the season to be jolly! Bring on beautiful amazing Christmas 2015 🙂


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