Amazing few weeks…

So the kids had some time off from school, 2 weeks ago! We didn’t go out as such. We love home and besides, I still have to look after them and it all. Which of course I passionately love. Our home is our sanctuary, where we live, love, laugh, cry, hug, kiss and just be the family that we are supposed to be. You see money really doesn’t make the world go round. You don’t need money to make children happy. As long as you have a roof over your head, warmth, cleanliness, love, good food…children are content with what they have. Life is way too short to be dreaming and wishing for what you don’t have. Focusing on the here and now with blessings in tow, is all that matters. We have been really bonding some more and I love this Autumn/Winter 2015! We have love, peace & tranquility. It’s been amazing, so many revelations by God as promised when I was listening! My amazing children are very happy, so that means I am too. We had lots of sleep, warm food and relaxing close to each other. Family is everything. I thank God everyday for blessing me with my wonderful children, so young but yet so wise. They keep my soul alive, they make it all worthwhile. I see my little friends growing sweetly, they are allowed to be free but with disciplined. To have and to hold each other tightly, when you are good…goodness shall always follow you. Thank God for love, for life, for children, for every single thing. Amazing beautiful time as the year ends soon. Glory to God always and forever. 


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