God is good, all the time…

If you believe in God like I do, then maybe you could relate to this…

My journey with God started a very long time ago, when I went to boarding school aged 12 years old. It was the norm back then, all Christians were to go to church and all Muslims to pray 5 times a day. I really enjoyed being around all and learnt so much about religion and the way in which people perceive God and how they live. I mean back then I understood only what I understood. I always felt bad for being me, I would beat myself up about how God saw me. I just didn’t understand God and Love like I do today, but I am grateful for my beautiful journey. You see I strongly believe and through my very own testament, that God has it all planned out. But I had to work towards it! All I had to do was listen to God and nothing else. I never listened or heard God. I would pray but yet my faith was limited and very conditional. I will mostly turn to God when things were bad, not realising that I understood nothing. You see God has it all planned out. When the time is right, you will never be forsaken. Strength is derived even more so when you go through the fire and rain and still say thank you God, especially through the storm. I have reached were God wanted me to reach. Words alone aren’t enough to describe or express my satisfying beautiful relationship with God. It is not by luck or by any other medium that I have reached this contentment. God had the master plan all along. To have that long awaited peace and love for my very being. To be love and to give love freely. God is indeed the ultimate love for us all. When you feel Gods love, you can reach any place that he has already planned for you. You just have to give yourself to God. His love never ever ceases, even when in despair! Have faith and open your ears, eyes and heart. Since my own opening, I am so strong, so happy and most especially content. I am indeed content with what I have, God’s unconditional sweet and beautiful love. God is indeed good all the time. Amen


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