A woman’s woman…

I am not a feminist as such, but I believe in “women”. We have so many wonderful qualities. I love a woman who knows her self and what she is worth. I even love more a woman who doesn’t know herself or worth…we are all women after all, I would love to show you. To embrace and encourage and empower is what a woman’s woman should do. Be understanding, not judgemental be positive, be polite, be real, be sweet and courteous…I know this can be hard especially when another woman cannot appreciate or absorb you because she is entirely lost herself! Don’t take it personal, I don’t. I understand the insecurities and the lack of self love that stems from a deep rooted seed. I was once there. I have always been a woman’s woman, regardless of my own trials I manage to never falter from my true soul. Women for me are so important on this earth too and my purpose is to love and support my fellow sisters. I don’t want you to be or feel all alone. I want to be your ears to listen, your shoulder to cry on, to laugh with you along the way too, and to be simply beautiful with you. Love is free and so is mine, if I feel your beautiful energy and spirit, I shall tell you and praise you. You deserve to be loved. Loved by another woman, as a sister, a friend, a confidant. I don’t have to know you, that’s not relevant. I just have to embrace you. And maybe you too can embrace the true beautiful woman that you are! 


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