Growing, learning, moving along…

Maybe you didn’t know your self worth previously? It’s been a roller coaster! You didn’t even see that you were selling yourself short…depriving yourself of true love for your being. How would you have known, not having much guidance or acceptance. It started to eat you up from a very early stage. But then with life and experiences, you started to see through another medium. You began to wake up, the realisation began. Finding who you are and why you went through the fire, the storm… But yet you always rose up, dusted it off and moved on. You didn’t realise back then how strong and beautiful you are as a woman. It’s not your fault, you weren’t supposed to know that all those choices were born from before. You had to go through it and you have more to go through…but in the meantime, you have found your worth! You no longer have the urge to sell yourself short. You have every power to make the right choices for your soul, your surroundings and most especially how you see your self. Now you know that you are amazingly special and you wouldn’t let anyone take that away from you. You will be here standing tall and teaching others through your journey, self love is so important. And you are so blessed to have another chance, to live your life the way you should. You see GOD never forsakes you: you must continue to trust and obey and as you have been witnessing, everything under the sun, moon and stars has its season. There is now absolutely no reason for you to sell yourself short! Value your self, you are worth so much and when you find strength…nothing can break you! 


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