Richly fulfilled in LOVE…

I just saw a post on Instagram and I got inspired to elaborate on what it means to me to be richly fulfilled, as I walk on this earth temporarily. I contemplate on and analyse the importance of life for me, living this life currently. It didn’t come with a how to do it guide! You just live and learn…but really materialism isn’t for me. I don’t wake up each day (only by the grace of GOD alone) and push forward to gain some worldly accomplishments! I do it because I am in love with the life I have been blessed with, my children. Teaching them to be richly fulfilled in LOVE. Show them true love, teach them about simple living. Not keeping up with the joneses, we are setting our own way by building our family on pure LOVE. The world is so sick and deluded at the moment, to be caught up in it…can destroy ones purpose! It is my personal mission to appreciate today more as I don’t know tomorrow. As long as we have the basics with love as a driving force, then we can reach fulfilment. All we need is love indeed, but love seems underated nowadays and not as precious as it should be in a fake world. To be free and love freely,  definitely sets you free. I found complete contentment. Pure LOVE ❤️


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