Be open, share your story…

I was having a coffee Friday 20/11/15 with some friends and I was approached by a woman. She was a small sweet looking Chinese woman, probably in her 70s and she was very sweet indeed. She asked if I was Nigerian? She said my accent sounded like her friends Joy. She was very pleasant and said she enjoyed listening to our conversation. I liked her straight away, she had a positive aura about her. She invited me to an event to learn about making money from home. She gave me her number, I gave her mine. I told her I would call her to let her know if I could attend as I have childcare commitments…then she asked about my children, and anytime I speak about my children I get so excited to talk about them, about motherhood! I just went into one, talking about my children and what they mean to me and this world. How important it is for me to be completely devoted to my children, as it is so easy in our world today to be lost and selfish. She just welled up, tears filled her eyes and she wiped it away. I was in amazement, she said she was touched by me. How I spoke…wow that’s why I had to write this, I really just want to meet people and touch their very souls with my story, with my love, with my heart and passion. This is what makes me even more determined. So many people, no matter how old….have some deep pain that stems from some place…some people realise and some never do! I have been blessed and eternally grateful to be a mother, my emancipation began just then. And I believe you must really submit yourself to the cause. This is where you learn and grow and find yourself, your strength and then you can share with others. Empowering others is my personal mission. May God continue to bless my passion for my mission! I was born for a reason, to go through turmoils and to blossom right now. To share and to love freely, like I have never been hurt before! I can’t and won’t stop, as long as I have breath!


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