Can’t stop, won’t stop, as long as I have breath!

Hello my friends on WordPress…hope this finds you all very well! It is well here, we thank GOD. It’s been over a week now since I last posted anything! I am writing everyday mind you, (thanks to my notes app on my phone :-)) however I haven’t been round to post anything! I say I will everyday, but I couldn’t mostly last week as I was quite run down! The doctor said I needed to rest, I have a very hectic lifestyle with my 3 babies. I work hard everyday to make sure they are doing just fine. I don’t worry so much about myself, I actually enjoy my hectic life. I wouldn’t change it for anything, and I shall do it all because my darlings deserve my complete devotion….but I must catch some rest, which I have been doing much of. I feel much better today but still not 100%. But my personal pleasure comes from writing, I can’t stop and won’t stop. Just because I don’t post everyday doesn’t mean I don’t write everyday. I will be sharing some writings after this post…enjoy and remember = out of sight, isn’t out of mind!


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