I Am A Troglodyte!

Written 18/11/2015

I finally found out that there is an actual term for my condition. I have to elaborate: 

A troglodyte is a cave dweller, one who lives in a cave! 

Well I don’t live in a cave but I live in a house for obvious reasons…I have electricity but I don’t like it and have never really liked too much light. I switch off all the lights and I do almost everything in the dark. Those that are around me, possibly become like me. I love candles and I would rather put a few around my cave (house). This is quite spiritual for me. I prefer darkness in my own cave as I know my dwelling well. However I don’t think I can be that brave elsewhere, in pitch darkness. I find this so interesting and the fact that I am not alone. It is quite refreshing to finally realise that I am not weird, it is actually fine to not like too much light! Here’s to all my fellow troglodytes…lets dwell in a comfortable place, where artificial light does not define spiritual light that glows from the inside!


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