Missing my babies…

Missing my babies, every time this happens…I reflect and realise even more that there is no living without loving them. Home isn’t the same, what is me time? Doesn’t add up to much when you don’t have anyone to share your world with? I wouldn’t change anything! I am just happy at least that I chose happiness for them rather than selfish bitterness. They are truly loved….when one can put their hurt and pain aside just to love someone else, the rewards are unmeasurable! Seriously mothers, be careful how you deal with the men you had children with, remember just because you are “mother” doesn’t mean you are the “boss” the “father” is also vital even if you don’t love each other anymore, or have moved on with other partners….don’t play games with your children! They can turn the game back on you. Remember as a true woman, mother…you have to sacrifice more than anyone else!


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