2015…Reflection Year 

Wrote this on the 31/12/2015, but never got round to posting! However it’s a brand new year. Happy New Year and may it be all you want it to be. God bless us all. 
As the year of 2015 slowly and fastly approaches to an end….it’s time for reflection! Reflecting on the whole year, how it started and how it’s ending. I have accumulated a lot more wisdom and understanding over this very year. Understanding myself! The year started as it ended in 2014, the stress was full on. I had neither the understanding nor the ability to handle the stress at that time. But somehow I managed to find the strength, it was painful but yet uplifting….as the months went by in 2015, I began to make progress. First it was with my very being, accepting myself for exactly who I am. Appreciating and loving myself completely for the the first time in my life. I started to think more of myself, looking after myself and really appreciating the beautiful being that I am. I realised my purpose, through all the pain. It has all been a test, I feel like I passed this long and tough exam!


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