I am very sentimental about family! I love being in a family, having and loving my family no matter what. I love the fact that in my extended family, we are realists! We say the truth to each other, and we don’t conform just to keep the peace. If it has to be said and done, then so it shall be. I never really understood, I used to wonder and I came to conclude that my family was just too dysfunctional! As I grow and become more of a woman, I realise that such isn’t the case….we have to be dysfunctional to be functional. FACT!!

I believe that all our turmoils and heartaches has brought us to this crossroad. We can’t change each other, but we can only do that by our own selves! To have and to hold, especially when the going gets really rough! 

Regardless of it all, I love my family dearly! I wouldn’t change anyone or anything! It has been a journey and one that I completely appreciate! It is all about accepting and understanding. Contentment is the key to moving forward! No need to fret about what has been. Leave the past where it belongs and love the ones you with. Family will always rule over everything. It’s a new year, start it as you wish to finish it. Peace and Love. Family first always!


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