My beautiful Autistic Princess…regardless I see only LOVE

My chick Sofia and I today, busy getting the day over as school starts for her tomorrow! We look puckered with those lips and those glasses 😝😜 but looks are so deceiving! This confident, smart, amazing, beautiful, loving princess of mine gave me a very hard time today! I am still trying to find a balance, where I explain a situation that has changed, and Sofia just says “yes mama” and we happy! The reality is, she isn’t quite there yet….she just doesn’t seem to comprehend my explanation and especially if anything in her plans or mine slightly gets altered! No matter how structured, she has her own mind and she is giving it her all. She is very mouthy and says plenty of not so very nice things to me especially! I don’t take her words to heart, but I had a little cry today and God had my back 💯. I saw my lovely friend Mona, she walked home with us and comforted me. It is really nice to share with someone who understands! This job isn’t for the faint hearted, you need plenty of strength and understanding! I derive mine from my GOD. I know and completely accept that my darling sweet Sofia is definitely a smaller version of me. My role as long as God keeps me, is to guide her and teach her and love her no matter her needs. My feelings don’t really matter, my daughters and my son matter more than any damn thing in this often ignorant and selfish world! The joy in all of the pain is to rise above it all and to be open and share. You are not alone. #autisticprincess #autismcantstopher #autismawareness #autismlove #loveconquersall #lovewholly #lovesetsyoufree #commitment #devotion #learning #growing #embracing #teaching #guiding #Godsown #Godmystrength 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙  


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