A list for you…

Here is a list of what I would have liked that you did previously:
Love me unconditionally 

Told me you loved me a little, at least I would have some memories….

Showed me you loved me….somehow….

Hugged me, 

Kissed me,

Asked me how I was?

Talked to me about life???

Got to know my heart….

And that you were ever so proud of me…but you didn’t do or say much….

Maybe you just didn’t know how to? but it still hurts…. 

Your love has always been the missing link…..

The complete absence of your much needed love tarnished my experiences as I grew up….

However…. I still am affected by your absent love, your so-called  love…tarnished my very heart, oh my broken heart…

I am trying to shift it, but it’s not something I can just fix…. 

But I have hope, that at least now that I have identified the cause, root, reasons for all my pain in the past…

I can now face the future…

Living my beautiful life. Loving my blessings, my beautiful amazing children…. My reason for existing!!!

Giving them and all around me, all that I ever wanted….love but not a list! 

“Mamagisosi the true embodiment  of LOVE”


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