I am here…

I knew it! I knew she was a blessing right from the start! I mean they are all my blessings…..but she is particularly extremely special. I knew that God gave me this challenge to test and grow me. My daughter, she is amazing regardless of any labels or how society perceives her. She is a diamond and needs to be learned from. 

I just finally engaged in my teaching assistant training. This training is what I need to get into mainstream schools. Supporting children with special educational needs. 

I received the messaged earlier, this is my path and calling. My princess didn’t come with a manual! She came to me as a blank canvas and with her help she is painting her picture exactly how she should be. 

I jut want to give back to others, engage with others to share and support them as they go through theirs. On this journey of ours, all we want to do more of…is to be open and to share with the world how amazing and uplifting accepting autism is. 

Let us accept and share and show others that regardless we can do this. Rather than wallow and feel sorry for myself, I am going to continue to push ahead with GOD completely by my side. 

I am enjoying my teaching assistant training right this minute! Bring on the bright and beautiful future…touching souls!


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