I remember when I worked as an employment adviser. I really enjoyed this type of work, solely because it was all around supporting and guiding people with disabilities, back into sustainable employment, or education, or even volunteering. I was extremely passionate about helping! My satisfaction came from getting a client from A to B! I mean I love and I am still very much passionate about helping people, especially those that need my help and support. I had to give up my job in 2011 for my children’s sake! At first it was daunting and I was anxious about the future! But things started to fall into place as the time for everything comes! I have acquired so many skills and even more since I gave up my job. I am now also benefitting from volunteering! I have adapted to the way I have to live with my children! 

Everyone volunteers for different reasons! 

I volunteer mostly, because I love to give back. Helping others, using my acquired skills and experiences. My situation currently allows me to at least volunteer, whilst I am working on doing more. I love to be put and about doing more and helping out. 

It is not about how much you get paid! It’s about doing something that you really enjoy passionately and empowering others!

You see my thing is that life, is very limited and if you ever get the opportunity to grow and evolve, use your experiences to touch others! Share and advice and help others. You might be in a better place, be grateful and recognised how blessed you are. 

Volunteering really empowers and helps! I love it👍🏾 



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